06Apr 2018
Press-Seal Adds to Customer Service Team

Press-Seal is proud to announce the addition of another customer service rep to the team.

22Mar 2018
4 Tricks to Installing the Econoseal Effeciently

Are you using our new line of Econoseal on manholes and could use some quick easy tricks to make the install even faster? Let’s face it, no one is perfect and we all could use a few tips on how to be more efficient. Especially when using a new product like our Econoseal for 18-24” PVC pipes.

20Mar 2018
What is a Kwik Seal Compression Connector?

  Kwik Seal is a pipe to manhole connector for storm water and sewer applications. Kwik Seal profiles can be used in cast or cored manholes and the unique outside lip design prevents the connector from being pushed into the hole when a pipe is inserted.

07Mar 2018
2017 5S Lean Manufacturing Award

 Taking the time to learn, practice and develop lean manufacturing methods is not an easy task. For nearly a decade we have infused a culture of practicing these methodologies into our company. And every year we award departments who show excellence in implementing these methods.

06Feb 2018
What is PPM Defectives and How Does it Benefit You?

PPM Defectives is abbreviated as PPM and is part of the language of Six Sigma. It is often used in all sorts of computations, but here at Press-Seal is used as one of our measures of quality.

25Jan 2018
6 Box Culvert Products Meeting ASTM Standards

Box culverts are gaining in popularity across the country and we’re getting more and more questions on how to seal box culverts properly.

16Oct 2017
Press-Seal Welcomes Mike Hook

Press-Seal is proud to announce the addition of another veteran to the underground containment industry.

01Sep 2017
Thank You Kerry - 33 Years of Press-Seal Employment

No greater asset within a company of any size is more valuable than its employees. Each one is an integral part in the process, growth and responsibility of the company as a whole.

22Aug 2017
Press-Seal Sales Team Grows Once Again

Press-Seal is happy to announce that we have added another member to our gasket sales team.

21Jul 2017
The Ultimate PSX: Direct Drive Cheat Sheet

Do you need a simple way of knowing what PSX: Direct Drive product you need?