22Feb 2018
Rubber Lifespan of a Gasket or Connector [Part 1]

Rubber gaskets or connectors can remain in the yard of a precast plant for a long period and usually this means they are outside in the elements. Shelf life, the storage time from delivery to installation, varies by elastomer type.

25Jan 2018
6 Box Culvert Products Meeting ASTM Standards

Box culverts are gaining in popularity across the country and we’re getting more and more questions on how to seal box culverts properly.

16Oct 2017
Press-Seal Welcomes Mike Hook

Press-Seal is proud to announce the addition of another veteran to the underground containment industry.

01Sep 2017
Thank You Kerry - 33 Years of Press-Seal Employment

No greater asset within a company of any size is more valuable than its employees. Each one is an integral part in the process, growth and responsibility of the company as a whole.

22Aug 2017
Press-Seal Sales Team Grows Once Again

Press-Seal is happy to announce that we have added another member to our gasket sales team.

21Jul 2017
The Ultimate PSX: Direct Drive Cheat Sheet

Do you need a simple way of knowing what PSX: Direct Drive product you need?

13Jul 2017
Thank You To Bob Meeks - 28 Years of Press-Seal Employment

  The most valuable asset in a company of any size is its employees. Each and everyone of them is an integral part in the process, growth and responsibilities of the company as a whole. Very few can say they've been with a company for more than 10-years, let alone 20 or almost 30. Today we say […]

06Jul 2017
Can I Use PSX: Direct Drive in an 8

The answer to this question is yes and no. A PSX: Direct Drive technically starts at a hole size range of 9:00 – 9.20” (229 – 234mm), but our 8QRS PSX: Direct Drive does work in an 8” hole. The 8QRS is manufactured to make the installation of small diameter pipes into manholes a simpler process. It […]

05Jul 2017
Conexus Intern Program at Press-Seal

Three students of the Conexus Intern Program are employed here at Press-Seal this summer as part of our continued efforts to make “manufacturing cool again”.

22Jun 2017
A Better Workforce for Manufacturing

Would you fire every single employee in your workforce right now? If you answered no, you’re making a mistake – because you don’t want employees. You want ambassadors of your company, not employees.