2 Compression Boot Connectors for Stormwater Systems

June 7, 2019 0 Comment

Compression boot connectors for stormwater systems are a simple way for contractors to connect pipes to manholes.

As more government regulations require watertight connections between pipes and manholes, precast producers and contractors are looking for the simplest solution possible and we offer two solutions that are different in their own right, but still offer the same performance.

Kwik Seal Compression Connector

The Kwik Seal boot is a precisely sized compression connector (pipe to manhole connector) made to fit in a cored or cast opening. The connector is placed into the opening and the pipe is pushed home. This creates a watertight seal when the connector is compressed around the pipe OD and is deformed against the manhole opening. The sealing is similar to how a pipe gasket seals pipe joints.

Features of the Kwik Seal

  • No special tools required
  • Easily replaced if damaged
  • No special take-up clamps necessary
  • Can be used in cored or cast holes

Kwik Seal meets and/or exceeds all requirements of ASTM C 923, including physical properties of materials and performance testing. Performance testing includes:

  • 13 PSI minimum in straight alignment
  • 10 PSI at minimum 7° angle
  • 10 PSI minimum under shear load of 150 lbs/in. pipe diameter


Econoseal Compression Connector

The Econoseal is a simple cast-in pipe- to-manhole connector that offers an easy installation process in precast production facilities and in the field for contractors. The key-lock is integrally cast-in during the production process providing a secure seal for storm water and sanitary collection systems.

As with the Kwik Seal, the Econoseal has distinct features over other common boot connectors.

  • No special tools required
  • Durable and resuable mandrel forms
  • No special take-up clamps necessary
  • Integrally cast into the structure at time of casting

Econoseal meets and/or exceeds the following ASTM’s:

  • ASTM C 923
  • ASTM C 1478
  • ASTM C 1244

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