CAS 12-08 Installation – A flexible pipe to manhole rubber connector

June 10, 2019 0 Comment

On today’s episode of Press-Seal-U, Dan Skinner joins us for an installation demonstration on the flexible pipe to manhole connector.

The CAS 12-08 is an integrally cast-in to the structure and simulates the look of the PSX: Direct Drive for connecting pipes to manholes.

The entire assembly of the CAS 12-08 uses four simple pieces before attaching to the form work for the manhole. The three pieces are:

  • The rubber connector
  • A mandrel with a positive assembly point
  • The casting ring
    • Which does come in different colors for different sizes
  • Magnet – used to hold the assembled pieces to the manhole form

How to Install the Gasket on the Mandrel

To begin, you need to fold the gasket to assemble it on the mandrel and there are two different options for folding the gasket which are:

  1. Two Step Method – pull all the throat all the way through and then fold the throat inward
  2. One Fold Method – similar to the above process, but you fold as you pull through

Next you want to locate your mandrel and then take your gasket and ensure that the molded writing on the rim faces down to the inside of the mandrel.

Now tuck the seal down into the cavity of the mandrel.

Once you have ensured that the seal is set into the cavity of the mandrel, locate your colored casting ring.

At the 12:00 O’clock position of the casting ring, you’ll see a “positive point” that you line up with the positive point in the mandrel. Essentially you’re lining up a male and female notch between the two pieces. This ensures that the casting ring and mandrel will follow the arc of the manhole wall.

Now take your Press-Seal magnet and slide it through the hole so it can magnetize to the core of the manhole form.

Save Time and Money with CAS 12-08

As a precast producer, the CAS 12-08 can also save you time and money in the production process by eliminating the casting or coring of a hole. The entire assembly is set prior to pouring the manhole and the process of removing the mandrel takes only a few minutes.

Additionally, if damage occurs to the gasket, it can be cut out and a new boot, such as a PSX: Direct Drive can be installed right in the same hole. This gives contractors an advantage in the field and also an advantage to a precast producer because a damaged boot connector does not mean a new manhole has to be poured.

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