Celebrating Professional Development with USF

December 11, 2016 0 Comment

The University of Saint Francis and Press-Seal Corporation are celebrating a group of Press-Seal employees’ completion of a USF Professional Development Leadership program on December 13.

The employees are coming together to celebrate their accomplishment in the Press-Seal Leadership Hall immediately after finishing their final class. The program is a cooperative effort between Press-Seal, USF’s Career Outreach Center and the USF Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership. The training is designed to help Press-Seal employees polish their leadership skills and further develop talent within the region. This is the second group of Press-Seal employees to graduate from the University of Saint Francis module, with a third group scheduled to begin the program in Spring 2017.

University of Saint Francis faculty is delivering the training as part of a long-standing relationship between USF and Press-Seal. The company has been working closely with USF’s Career Outreach Center to find talent, often hiring students for part-time positions. Students in various academic programs have also been brought into the company to collaborate on projects that range from health and wellness initiatives to industry analysis conversations.

Partnership With Education & Business

Our partnership with University of Saint Francis has allowed us to not only increase the skills of our existing leaders...

said Press-Seal President and CEO James Skinner,

...but also to identify skill sets that are evolving to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business climate challenges.

Our partnership with Press-Seal has been extremely beneficial for both organizations...

said USF Director of Career Outreach Natalie Wagoner.

While we find ways to help them enhance and grow their business, they are helping us find meaningful, real-world experience for our students. Many times, these experiences lead directly to career opportunities.

Companies and organizations that want to learn more about partnering with USF can contact the Career Outreach Center at 260.399.8055 or visit career.sf.edu

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