What is a Kwik Seal Compression Connector?

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Kwik Seal is a pipe to manhole connector for storm water and sewer applications. Kwik Seal profiles can be used in cast or cored manholes and the unique outside lip design prevents the connector from being pushed into the hole when a pipe is inserted.

Compression Connector Advantages

There are a variety of advantages for the Kwik Seal compression connector that makes installation easier and faster for both precast concrete plants and construction crews out in the field.

To install the Kwik Seal there are no special installation tools such as mandrels or special wrenches and there is no special tooling needed to form the holes. You simply position the connector properly in the hole and you’re finished within minutes.

Additional advantages to this compression connector are:

  • Works with common hole sizes
  • Easily replaced if damaged
  • All rubber construction for long life

Performance of the Connector

For every water containment system that has technical specifications that need to be followed, the Kwik Seal meets or exceeds the following ASTM test methods:

  • ASTM C 923
  • ASTM C 1244
  • ASTM C 1478

The connector is available for a variety of hole sizes ranging in size from 5.0” - 33.5” and pipe types such as PVC and DI/CI.

Kwik Seal meets or exceeds ASTM C 1478 and the physical properties of ASTM C 923 only.

For other pipe sizes and types that you want to connect to manholes you can also use the PSX: Direct Drive or PSX: Positive Seal.

 If you need further information on pipes not listed please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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